Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Thoughts on Michelangelo Sistine Chapel

I was thinking half the night. Finally, I realized something. I fell into a long, restful sleep and all ceased to trouble me ...
Michelangelo. You know about him a lot. His life, works, views, Pope, sexual orientation. But it does not describe me with the scent of the Sistine Chapel. You never have looked at this beautiful vault. You did not see it. You're a tough guy. Let me ask you about war, you throw me a quote from Shakespeare: "Once again the battle ahead of us, my friends." But I've never been in a war. Do not keep your head on your knees best friend who asks for your help. When asked about love, you quote me a sonnet. But I never felt like helpless woman, yet outrageously happy. You did not see understanding
in her eyes. I do not feel that God sent you an angel to thee freed from the depths of hell. 

I do not know what it means to be an angel.. You do not know what it is to sleep on a chair in the hospital when you have to convince doctors that time of hospital visits does not concern you.. You haven't experienced a real loss. The loss of what you loved stronger than yourself.... I look at you and do not see an intelligent, confident man. I see a feisty, frightened child.
You think I know how hard it was for you and I know how you feel, who you are, because I read "Oliver Twist?" Is that defines you? Personally, I do not care because it doesn't discover anything in front of me, which is not written in the book. Unless you start talking about yourself, about who you are. Then I'll wake up in the fascination. But you do not want that, right?